Why every builder needs an AR15 Reaction Rod

A must-have tool for occasional and frequent AR15 builders

- Why every builder needs an AR15 Reaction Rod

An AR15 Reaction Rod is a great quality-of-life upgrade to enhance your building experience, making it easier, safer and minimizes the chance of scuffing any components of your AR. This article will explain what an AR15 Reaction Rod is, how it works and why its a tool every builder should have.

ARJ Defense AR15 Reaction Rod
- Why every builder needs an AR15 Reaction Rod

An AR15 Reaction Rod works by engaging into the lugs in your barrel extension while being held in a vice on the other end of the reaction rod. Once your barrel is fitted into your upper receiver, the assembly becomes one unit and sits on the AR15 Reaction Rod. This way, there is no chance of damaging or warping your upper receiver, as you are not clamping onto it, and gives the builder more room to continue assembling the rest of their upper receiver. Reaction Rods also greatly help with distributing torque pressure between the upper receiver and reaction rod so your upper receiver isn’t taking all the brunt while torquing hardware down, such as your barrel nut. Typically, your AR15 Reaction Rod should be made out of a softer material than your barrel extension to prevent any chance of twisting the lugs in the barrel extension, although this scenario is mostly caused by improper assembly and over-torquing of component’s. Reaction Rods are a tool at the end of the day and are much cheaper to replace rather than having to replace the entire barrel. Our AR15 Reaction Rod is made from 1018 Steel, while the barrel extension on our barrels is made of 8620 steel, a much stronger steel. 


That being said, improper assembly and over-torquing is the biggest culprit to damaged components. Ensure that you are following the manufactures specific torque specifications, as doing otherwise greatly increases the chance of heavy damage on the upper receiver. An AR15 Reaction Rod should be in everyone’s toolbox, as it streamlines the building process while keeping you safe and your components in great shape after your build is completed. Check out our AR15 Reaction Rod if you are interested!



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