About ARJ Defense

A team with an Obsession for Perfection.

ARJ Defense is focused on making the highest quality parts on the market. From the lower receiver, upper receiver, barrel, handguard and accessories, we make it all in house in our facility in Rockledge, Florida. Led by skilled machinists, ARJ Defense prides itself on being an AR15 Manufacturer, delivering unparalleled quality, precision, and impeccable finishes to our customers. Every aspect of our production process is executed with the utmost care to ensure that our customers receive a product capable of withstanding any challenge it may encounter.

AR15 Manufacturer. This image showcases a billet receiver set straight off of the machine to showcase ARJ Defense's machining capabilities.
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Manufacturing Firearm Components

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CNC Machining Industry

Axis Machining

Using the Best Available Machine Tools

Manufacturing Quality

At the heart of it all is our manufacturing process. Using the latest 5 axis machining technologies and state-of-the-art tooling, we are able to make stunning parts while exceeding the quality standards. For us, mil-spec is merely the starting point, as ARJ Defense refuses to settle for anything less. We combine the art of efficiency and quality to create a product that feels, works and performs in a premium manner. When you choose ARJ Defense, you are not just buying a receiver or handguard, you are embracing decades worth of expertise in the CNC industry.

Quality Control

Every product we manufacture goes through a strict Quality Control process. With experience in manufacturing components for diverse sectors such as defense, aerospace, automotive, mold-making, electronics, and medical instruments, inspection is not something new to us.  Our products then go through several finishing processes to ensure there are no imperfections and create a smooth finished product.

Ensuring Perfection in Every Step of our Process

Our commitment to excellence begins as soon as we receive the material to machine our products, making sure the material meets the proper specifications, whether its our 7075-T6 Aluminum billets or our 4140 Steel billets. The same inspection process and mindset for perfection trickles down all the way to the finished product, ensuring that each component meets our exacting standards for precision and reliability.

We're better than Mil-Spec

With our experienced team, state-of-the-art measuring instruments, coordinate measuring machines and incremental inspection documentation, we leave nothing to chance. We meticulously inspect and verify that each part adheres to its intended specifications, guaranteeing the highest level of precision and performance in every firearm component we create. At ARJ Defense, inspection is the first priority in our production process.

Creating Smooth, Flawless Firearm Components

Beyond precision, we take pride in the aesthetics of our products. Our finishing processes go the extra mile to eliminate imperfections and create a smooth, flawless surface on every firearm component using media tumbling and bead blasting processes. Our dedication to detail results in products that look like jewelry, keep their desired finish and deliver flawless performance for the times to come.

Don't believe us? Here it directly from our customers.